Bounty Hunters 2016

Soooooooo, I went for the Bounty Hunters Movie Premiere last night (thanks Teenage Magazine for the giveaway!) and I was so so so excited because I’m a great fan of Lee Min-Ho (Lee San in the movie). He looks so good!! *squeals, fan-girl* HAHA


Anyway I was kind of expecting a serious action packed movie but this movie is actually is an action-comedy and it’s pretty funny. The dialogues, their actions and even their expression never fails to amuse me throughout the entire session.

In this movie, there’s a combination of different countries such as Korea (Jeju), Thailand, etc. Even the actors are from various countries, Lee Min-Ho from Korea; Wallace Chung from Hong Kong; Jeremy Jones Xu from China etc. Okay these are just extra information.

But basically, the movie title sounds like a sequel to another drama a.k.a City Hunters but it is not linked at all. It starts off with Lee San and Ayo as self-employed bodyguards, who is framed for terrorism (bombings) after the death of their client. They then work together with another 3 framed bounty hunters to find the real mastermind to clear their names and save lives of many. There’s some elements of romance in it as well, so for those romantic at heart, don’t worry about the lack of romance in an action packed movie. It might be a little cliche since you can kind of expect that everyone will have a happy ending and all, but I think it’s the process and the little details that matters most.

And finally, for those Lee Min-Ho fans out there, this movie is a must watch. He just looks so suave in the entire movie! (Just recall how he looks in the City Hunter drama series ahhhh)

Rating: 8/10

Overall this movie is not too bad and it’s great if you want to see a little fighting here and there (or maybe everywhere), it’s great for some laughs as well, or even if you need a pretty face to look at oops haha. But yes, I highly recommend this even though I might be a little bias 😛

Seeya soon!


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