Out of my rut 13.7.16

Hello everyone! So Jc resumed classes after a series of examinations and I had a 3 day break from studying. It’s a total study-free break because I felt that it was much needed and true, I do feel so much better after my self-approved-study-free break. I feel like I can conquer the world and make miracles happen even though my results are, well, far from satisfaction. I mean, I still have 116 days to A levels so, WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER. Okay, today is the first official school day after the mid year examinations and I brought along my new school bag, and I feel so great. I think its partially because I really took my mind off school and the stress over the ‘break’, and kind of put myself into this new mentality and belief. I just feel really good and accomplished. Oh yes, cleaning my table and throwing things out helped as well; it makes me feel like I’ve went underwent a clean slate and the new me is going to be better than before.


Everything above is just mindless ramblings hahaha and I’m not even going to check for any errors, sorry not sorry but I’m happy being how I am now (for the time being) and I’m thinking of make a post about how to get out of a rut for those stuck in one? I’ll probably need some time for that because of my tight schedule for school but yeah, I’ll have one of those up, just some tips of mine or perhaps what I think that it’ll help? Talking about this, I suddenly thought of this idea which I always wanted to do. What if I have this platform as a place where students/teenagers can get some lifestyle tips or just some general advice on school and stuff especially Singapore education… I think it’ll be fun, it’s just what I like to talk about. Maybe under another slot instead of Thoughts. Just saying this in advance, but I’m sorry if there’s some negativity from me here on some days, and I’ll try to be positive as far as I can.



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