Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Two posts in a single day 😏

Okay so I watched Rogue One on 17 December 2016, completely unaware of the plot and how it was going to fit in the entire series. I mean, my dad’s the fan and hey I’m just this lucky girl who gets to watch it for free.

From Wikipedia

I heard Rogue One was pretty messy? As in complicated to watch but I find it quite alright? As in maybe because I don’t even know what is supposed to happen but okay generally it’s good. I was a little confused at the start because I was expecting to see the characters/actors from the previous movie of the series? But I guess this movie is more of a stand-alone?

Overall it is good because I feel like it is very realistic? By the end of the movie, almost everybody dies either due to the Deathstar, the troopers or Darth Vader. I mean, it is nice to have happy endings but in reality, or in war-like movies, I find it hard to believe that everybody will escape unscathed. It’s just so cringe-y when you see the male and female lead escape unscathed just because they are the lead characters. It does make everybody happy but you know, some realism is good sometimes. [This reminds me of Suicide Squad but okay let’s not get there today.]

Verdict: 7/10 aka {yes you should watch it as soon as possible if you are a star wars fanatic}



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