Hello! “Artbox Singapore, the local edition of Bangkok’s popular market.” Opening hours: 3 to 11 pm (Last day on 23 May 2017!) And yes! I went to Artbox sg on yesterday! I was there around 3.17 pm and trust me, the place was so crowded even though technically it had just opened. There was tons … More ARTBOX SG 2017


Hello! I’m heading to Malaysia for a mini holiday tomorrow morning, so I guess this is the only chance I get to write about my 19th birthday. If not, it might drag till next week and I don’t really want such a late post so might as well get it done now (psst, it’s not … More Post-Birthday

Sunday thoughts

Dreams are always a huge part in my life. No, I’m not talking about that sort of dreams, the one that all of us need to keep us going on in life, to have a purpose. I’m talking about the literal kind of dreams, the kind that causes us to wake up with either a … More Sunday thoughts