Sunday thoughts

Dreams are always a huge part in my life. No, I’m not talking about that sort of dreams, the one that all of us need to keep us going on in life, to have a purpose. I’m talking about the literal kind of dreams, the kind that causes us to wake up with either a big smile or with tears brimming in our eyes. Since young, I’ve always been the kind of girl to have vivid dreams, and to be able to remember most of them which I deemed it to be a blessing for most of the time since I used them as an inspiration for my personal fiction writing (yes, I do write fiction as a hobby). But, in recent years, my dreams are getting a little morbid in a way? I heard dreams are a reflection of reality or that it presents our greatest fear or desire. 

I dreamt about many things. Death being one of them, be it my own or someone else’s. It felt so real. As though someone really pushed me down a building or stabbed a knife into my stomach, I remember being in third person pov, seeing friends and family at my own funeral. I remember seeing someone I know being knocked down by a car, and I woke up crying buckets. 

I also have these recurring dreams where I felt as though I was always being chased by someone or rather, something. It’s always the same neighbourhood, with empty HDBs, as though the dreamscape had became a scene from a dystopian movie. 

But then, there’s also dreams that made me feel loved? It’s quite weird but you know, there’s always be dreams that’ll brighten up your day. I remember having a dream-ception moment (haha yes, you heard me right, a dream-ception moment), a dream within a dream kind of moment about a cute guy who moved into my neighbourhood (obviously that sort of good things only happen in dreamscapes). Unfortunately, I am unable to remember his name or his face… πŸ˜†

Last night, I dreamt of something different. I can’t remember the details anymore but I think it’s about my life? As in my entire life. Yes, I frickin experienced decades in maybe hours. I’m not sure if it’s really my life but it’s just an experience of a lifetime? Like literally, a lifetime. I can’t remember the events anymore, or basic details like what I was working as, if I’m married and if yes, who I married, etc. I can only remember the feelings and trust me, I do not like how my “life” was like. I felt that my “life” was too boring? As though I hadn’t lived like I should have done so. I was a little moody after waking up, but hello, how can you not be affected after a dream like that?? 

Anyways, I hadn’t planned to blog about it but I thought that this little haven has been neglected for far too long. I wanted to update about my life (specifically my new job) that time, like last month, but my draft came out pretty weird so I ended up not publishing it. By the way, some mini update, my contract ended so I’m kind of jobless again haha and I’m waiting for universities to contact me for interviews, or even better to offer a position without the interviews 😜 

Should I do a review on Beauty and the Beast or nah? (It’s good hehe, my childhood!!!πŸ€“)

Anyway, hope you guys won’t have monday blues tomorrow, have a great week!πŸ’•


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