“Artbox Singapore, the local edition of Bangkok’s popular market.”

Opening hours: 3 to 11 pm (Last day on 23 May 2017!)

And yes! I went to Artbox sg on yesterday! I was there around 3.17 pm and trust me, the place was so crowded even though technically it had just opened. There was tons of food stores – my happy place – and tons of other stores selling clothes, trinkets and other things like temporary tattoos etc. The queues can be really long, as in perhaps one end to the other, so erm, I guess happy waiting? Haha 

I didn’t really buy anything fron Artbox, only filled my always-hungry camera and self with the instagram-worthy food. 

Here’s some photos: 

The Juicy Way – $4.90
Tipsy Bull! -$12 (This is worth everything, rain or shine;) )
Tio Smoke- $6 (Total Insta-Worthy)
Thai Milk Tea Ice Cream – $4

BTW, I’m still doing up the post on my trip to Jb, so stay posted for that; it’s gonna be long.


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