“Hi girl, how are you doing now!”

4 October 2017.

I went back to Nanyang Junior College for the first time after I had entered university. Honestly, it was an impromptu decision. I was just sitting in my first tutorial for the day, staring at the digital clock on the wall in front, thinking about the fastest way to reach my next venue in time for my last mid-term paper and then bam, I just needed to go back to Nanyang. It was a sudden urge. I wasn’t even thinking about it before that. I looked down at myself. Mint green sweater and denim shorts. Candy coloured shoes. Not really the most flattering outfit to go back in, but I guess I just couldn’t care less. Then, another thought struck me. Isn’t it a little weird for me to go there alone? I mean, besides the fact that I’m in a really striking colour today, I’m kind of not a student there anymore? Simply put, though I’m an ex-student, it’s not really my place anymore since I’ve graduated from there last year.

So, I went up to Instagram and posted on my insta-story “Anyone want to go back to NY later?”

The results were unexpected.

I had a secondary school friend asking me “Isn’t it too short a notice to invite people to go New York at this timing?” I was just like… what? I tried to keep my face straight since I’m still in class but I think I failed miserably. I mean, who can keep a straight face after that right? I can’t, especially not after she laughed at herself upon the realization that I meant NYJC before I even said anything in response. She made my day. I had another primary school friend who asked, “Nanyang Junior College?” I think he was from Nanyang Polytechnic or was it Ngee Ann Polytechnic? I’m not really sure actually. In conclusion, perhaps I should’ve just typed NYJC, that would have eradicated all forms of confusion. But, I wouldn’t be able to have such a great laugh right?

I ended up still going back on my own since most of my NYJC friends in the same university had on-going exams.

For the first time in months, I stepped onto the platform of Lorong Chuan MRT Station. I was a little excited. I know my favourite Math teacher would be there since I’ve texted her to let her know that I’ll be dropping by after her meeting. For those who knows the outline of NYJC, you’ll know the hill up into the school is unavoidable. And to be honest, I was just tired by the time I reached the top – yes, I need help with my stamina. However, I was so glad to see a familiar face the moment I reached. And no, it wasn’t my Math teacher. It was the security guard haha. He registered me as a ex-student-visitor and gave me an annoying sticker (which kept sticking onto strands of my hair, but it was gone somehow in my parade around the school).


After walking around, I found Mrs Lim (my Math teacher, one of the women who had a huge influence in my life). And the first thing she said was “Hi girl, how are you doing now!”


And finally, I felt like I’m home.




We went for tea and talked, and surprisingly the previous Principal, Mr Kwek came back to run some errands. So, the three of us had tea and we just talked as though we’re old friends, updating each other about our lives, making jokes along the way. Though I had tons of assignments to complete within the week, that couple of hours was unforgettably well spent.



Someone asked me why did I go all the way back to NYJC, and all I can say is “ 想家,所以回家。”


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