Hello everyone, I’m Cheryl as you can probably tell from the name of the website and welcome to my humble abode. Please make yourself comfortable, but not too comfortable since this is my little haven after all.

In this little haven, you’ll have a glimpse into my hobbies A.K.A eating good food, reading libraries of books, watching movies all day and probably everyday. Those are probably the part where I squeal over almost everything  which are also my “reviews”.

I guess you’ll also find rantings of different things which I used to just rant internally until I decided to share with the world here because I don’t know, maybe there’s tons of other teenagers who share the same issues in their lives out there. If you need someone to listen, well, I’ll be right here and perhaps you can listen to me as well.

More information about me, I’m an eighteen year old girl who lives in Singapore, studying in a Junior College and taking my A levels this year so yeah, I’m pretty stressed out. That’s probably all of it.

Contact me if there’s anything you want me to touch on here or just comment on one of the post kay? (Okay who am I kidding, potential sponsors please contact me too hahaha- no creepy people alright?!)






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