April 21, 2018

人在福中不知福。 这应该是形容我这种人吧。 我一向来都觉得自己是个很知足的人,可是有时候往往会把生活中的人与事当作理所当然的。以前这样,现在也一样。以为自己与别人不同,其实也是半斤八两。昨天我把以前的简讯都翻了出来,看了这几年和一些人的对话,才发现其实自己一直都把身边的人当作理所当然的。 多么希望老天能给我多一次机会回到以前,好好地珍惜身边的人,好好享受当年无忧无虑的日子,好好对待真心对我的人。 时光倒流是不可能的。或许我能从现在开始,真心地对待我身边的每一个人。那些一直默默守护我、关心我的朋友们,谢谢你们。我不是完美的,但从现在开始,我一定好好的守护那些对我好的、关心我的。 我一定对你们特别好。 特别的好。 Advertisements

April 17, 2018

I wandered through the streets, passing by the places we used to walk by, hoping to catch a glimpse of her shadow. It was a cold and chilly night, just like the day she…… I shook my head, not wanting to recall the day. The day where she left me, the day where she left … More April 17, 2018


“Hi girl, how are you doing now!” 4 October 2017. I went back to Nanyang Junior College for the first time after I had entered university. Honestly, it was an impromptu decision. I was just sitting in my first tutorial for the day, staring at the digital clock on the wall in front, thinking about … More Home

A scream rang out in the darkness. Then a peal of laughter. The sound of the waves crashing on the shore. Another peal of laughter. If you squint hard enough, you can probably make out two figures running along the beach, one chasing after the other.   “Stop, you’ve got sand into my shirt!” “Really?” … More

I huddled in a corner, with the cold air from the air-conditioner blasting at my face. I listened to the silence of the night. After a few minutes, I shivered and cocooned myself in the comforts of my blanket. The one I had from my childhood. It’s nights like these that keeps me up till … More