Confused Ramblings

9:52pm I was wondering if you fell asleep or that you just didn’t want to open my message. The one I sent hours ago. Like at 1.10pm, to be specific. I don’t know why it really bothered me so much that I even went though my Instagram’s following’s activity, and I realised you’re very much … More Confused Ramblings


“Hi girl, how are you doing now!” 4 October 2017. I went back to Nanyang Junior College for the first time after I had entered university. Honestly, it was an impromptu decision. I was just sitting in my first tutorial for the day, staring at the digital clock on the wall in front, thinking about … More Home

A scream rang out in the darkness. Then a peal of laughter. The sound of the waves crashing on the shore. Another peal of laughter. If you squint hard enough, you can probably make out two figures running along the beach, one chasing after the other.   “Stop, you’ve got sand into my shirt!” “Really?” … More

I huddled in a corner, with the cold air from the air-conditioner blasting at my face. I listened to the silence of the night. After a few minutes, I shivered and cocooned myself in the comforts of my blanket. The one I had from my childhood. It’s nights like these that keeps me up till … More

I thought about all the people I have, or at least, once had in my life. The ones I loved, the ones I let down, the ones I thought I loved, the ones I should have loved. They appeared to me in fleeting images as I sat in my room, cold and alone. I pulled … More


Hello! I’m heading to Malaysia for a mini holiday tomorrow morning, so I guess this is the only chance I get to write about my 19th birthday. If not, it might drag till next week and I don’t really want such a late post so might as well get it done now (psst, it’s not … More Post-Birthday

Sunday thoughts

Dreams are always a huge part in my life. No, I’m not talking about that sort of dreams, the one that all of us need to keep us going on in life, to have a purpose. I’m talking about the literal kind of dreams, the kind that causes us to wake up with either a … More Sunday thoughts